During the COVID-19 crisis, security is essential, and CK's will remain open (stores and mobile locksmiths available). Additionally, our staff has taken extra health precautions.

Key Cutting, Duplicating, Generation, and Rekeying (Change locks) in Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County locksmiths with 3 stores or call us to visit your location 24/7 at 561-732-9418.

We offer key cutting/duplicating, generation (making a new key from an old lock), and rekeying (changing locks) for many types of keys:

  • Residential Keys
  • Commercial Keys
  • High Security keys
  • Specialized Keys
  • Deadbolt Keys
  • Automotive Keys (key cutting & generation only; in store only)
  • Automotive Transponder Keys (key cutting & generation only; in store only)
  • Safe Keys (key cutting & generation only)

We can cut keys at any of our retail stores (shown below) or on site at your location with our 24/7 mobile fleet of locksmiths.

For rekeying (changing locks), this is the most inexpensive solution if you've lost a key or if someone has a copy of your key (and you don't want that person accessing your home or business).

  • Get your locks changed quick. Once onsite, it typically takes a half hour or less to rekey one lock. Each additional lock rekeyed would take about 15 minutes.
  • It's much cheaper then buying new door hardware.
  • Get scheduled for the same day in most situations.

Rekeying works by changing the internal pins in a lock cylinder instead of replacing the entire lock so your door hardware remains undamaged. Call us 24/7 at 561-732-9418 to get your locks changed.