During the COVID-19 crisis, security is essential, and CK's will remain open (stores and mobile locksmiths available). Additionally, our staff has taken extra health precautions.

Report Impostor Locksmiths

We would like to bring to your attention that an impersonator is cloning several large locksmith companies in South Florida, including C.K.’s Lockshop. He uses the name C.K.’s Locksmith and has listings in both the Yellow and White Pages, all Internet search engines, and 411. BEWARE!! He is mobile and nearly impossible to track.

The impersonator tells the customer that he is a subcontractor for C.K.’s Lockshop. C.K.’s USES NO SUBCONTRACTORS. We also do background checks on ALL of our employees.

The impersonator requests the customer’s check made payable to “Cash” or a company name other than C.K.’s Lockshop. Don’t let yourself get scammed. Angie’s List offers 7 Tips to avoid locksmith scams.

C.K.’s Lockshop has been serving South Florida since 1960, and we appreciate your past and future business. Please do not be fooled by these impostors.


C.K’s Lockshop Employees, Vans, and Invoices are clearly identified.
Our experienced technicians wear orange shirts with the C.K.’s Lockshop logo.
Always verify the company before the technician begins the job! We have three store front locations. We are an Angie's List Super Service Award winner for 2014.

Report Impostors

File a complaint with the Florida Attorney General
File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission